Upasana Fundraiser for Live Music Residency August 2020


Seeking your Support :-

Music is the soul of dance and the dancers give form to the melody, rhythm and lyrics. The music of Odissi is an unique genre of its own and can only be performed by exclusively trained musicians. In the past Upasana has attempted to present live music concerts by creating homegrown American ensembles. In August 2020 we like to present a delightfully authentic experience through interaction between our dancers and expert musicians from India through concerts, workshops and demonstrations. 

We are seeking your support to make this residency a possibility and help in meeting the flight, visa and hosting expenses of these artists. Your donations are Tax deductible as Upasana is a 501 C 3 Charitable organization Tax ID 27- 1645864

This project will benefit about 50 of our dancers and students and reach out to over 800 audience members through our concerts.

Our goal is $22,000 to cover flight, fees, visa, insurance, accommodation and meals for the artists.

The Invited Musicians

Uttam Mondol.jpg

Uttam Mandal - Percussion

Jayanta Banerjee.jpg
Jayanta Banerjee - Sitar

Debasish Sarkar - Vocal