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Comments from presenters and audience members

 A blessed and divine experience.....

"What a superb presentation!! I had such a wonderful time hearing your thoughts and having you take us through the intellectual and artistic journey of nothingness."

Gurminder Bhogal

Dept of Music - Wellesley College

"You offered a glimpse into a profound and beautiful world of the spirit that crystallizes the relationship between discipline and freedom from an artistic perspective."

Theodore Levin
Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music
Dartmouth College

" I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful glow I feel in the aftermath of your residency -- I learned so much, felt so energized and yet calmed and also moved by your art and your whole demeanor and being."

Frumie Selchen

Executive Director

Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire

"You have such dignified control over your movements, your sense of prayer or spiritual "calling out" vibrated within me as I watched you dance. "

Jayshree Rajamani


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