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Mouli is a mesmerizing performer, emerging choreographer, dedicated teacher and engaging presenter. She has been presented by Museums, Universities, Libraries, Schools and Cultural Institutions across United States, India and recently in Austria. She is committed to preserve her traditional art form while also create original new work based on contemporary thoughts and ideas.

Odissi, is a graceful dance from the eastern Indian state of Orissa, that creates rhythmic patterns, melodic emotions and tells stories of love and devotion.

Mouli has been has been intensively trained under the personal tutelage of the legendary Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. She continues to train under the guidance of eminent dancer Nandini Ghoshal in India and regularly attends workshops  by Master teachers.

Recently she attended workshops on contemporary movement techniques under the guidance of Emma James of Blip Collective in Ladendorf Austria to explore ways to integrate the thought process in her original work.

Mouli is the founder and director of Upasana Odissi Inc. a Non-Profit Organization for the promotion and preservation of Odissi.  The organization offers instructions for an affordable fee, organizes free concerts open to the public and performs at fundraising concerts.

In April 2016 her first original work " precious Treasures"was premiered featuring over 40 performers. The innovative approach to presenting Indian dance with an universal appeal was well received with a standing ovation.

She also believes in preserving the interactive live music format of performance and had been invited by the Wellesley College Concert series in 2014 where she assembled and directed an all American home grown ensemble to present a rarely experienced Odissi Concert with live music.

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