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Enrichment Programs

University Guest Lectures

“I was extremely impressed with the way you were able to convey the abstruse beliefs, practices, and ideas that undergird Odissi dance to Dartmouth students. By engaging them in a series of simple exercises that fully engaged both the body and mind, you offered a glimpse into a profound and beautiful world of the spirit that crystallizes the relationship between discipline and freedom from an artistic perspective.”

~Theodore Levin
Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music
Dartmouth College

School Assemblies

“What a wonderful workshop! The students and the teachers loved it and we all learned a lot about India. The dance part was terrific and the kids are practicing a song to present tomorrow. You presented the information in so many ways (videos, pictures, clothing, food) that it was always interesting even though the many hours together. Thank you a lot.”

~ Adriana Gonzalez

Brookwood School

Library Concerts

“Thank you so much for coming to the Langley-Adams Library Cultural Festival.  Everyone enjoyed your performance, which was absolutely beautiful.  It was also so interesting to hear you talk about Odissi and the stories behind the dances.  Thank you for sharing all of that with us"

~ Gina Lipkin
Langley-Adams Library

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