A charming ensemble of committed Odissi dancers highly trained by eminent Gurus. They thrive to preserve traditions while exploring innovations and have been captivating audiences for the past one decade at festivals, fundraising concerts and community events.

Live Music Residency 2020

Music is the soul of dance and the dancers give form to the melody, rhythm and lyrics. The music of Odissi is an unique genre of its own and can only be performed by exclusively trained musicians. In the past Upasana has attempted to present live music concerts by creating homegrown American ensembles.

In August 2020 we like to present a delightfully authentic experience through interaction between our dancers and expert musicians from India through concerts, workshops and demonstrations. We are seeking your support to make this residency a possibility and help in meeting the flight, visa and hosting expenses of these artists. Requesting your support: Tax deductible donation link: 

Audience Comments: 

"From an artistic point of view, the precision of spirited dancers in their stunning hues of traditional attire and the poetic harmony of words, music enhanced with the majesty of nature visuals, spoiled us in a moment of timeless beauty. "

" It was enchanting, mesmerizing, and spellbinding.  The movements, expressions and the aesthetic value of the dances was superb. "

"An evening of sheer poetry in motion, it literally took my breath away. One can only imagine the countless hours of toil from all involved that must have gone towards making this show so perfect. "