A charming ensemble of committed Odissi dancers highly trained by eminent Gurus. They thrive to preserve traditions while exploring innovations and have been captivating audiences for the past one decade at festivals, fundraising concerts and community events.

Our Programs since 2010

Instructions: Our goal is to preserve Odissi in its purest form by encouraging and training the future generation of dancers in North America. Our classes are structured to impart authentic instructions in Odissi without any compromises in the discipline and hard work it entails.


 Classes are held in Wilmington and Burlington, MA.

Enrichment: We provide enrichment programs at Schools, Universities, Libraries, and Museums to introduce curious minds to the elegance, beauty, and grace of Indian Classical dance along with its philosophical elements.  


The hour long interactive lecture demo session brings to life the vibrancy of Indian culture and creates an awe for the expressive dance form, the purpose of which is to enlighten .  The learning experience is enhanced by using multimedia displaying pictures and artifacts.  


Open concerts:

Upasana is committed to bring pure Odissi with its varied moods, vibrant movements, and spiritual depths to the wider audience in New England and beyond.


It is seldom possible  to present an entire repertoire at cultural and community events due to constraints of time. Hence we organize these open concerts and present the complete traditional repertoire involving pure dance and expressional dance and take the audience to a journey into the depths of Odissi.

These concerts are non ticketed and open to the public to encourage attendance. They are followed by a reception and informal discussions with the artists to enhance understanding and facilitate feedback.  To help cover the production cost we appreciate donations which are tax deductible.

Audience Comments: 

"From an artistic point of view, the precision of spirited dancers in their stunning hues of traditional attire and the poetic harmony of words, music enhanced with the majesty of nature visuals, spoiled us in a moment of timeless beauty. "

" It was enchanting, mesmerizing, and spellbinding.  The movements, expressions and the aesthetic value of the dances was superb. "

"An evening of sheer poetry in motion, it literally took my breath away. One can only imagine the countless hours of toil from all involved that must have gone towards making this show so perfect. "