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Teaching and learning Dance online

After over two decades of teaching dance this is the first time I am attempting to "Virtual-ize" the teaching process. All these years I have believed there can not be any resources for teaching dance, like books, videos and equipment, but now I have to resort to online resources to keep going.

Teaching Indian classical requires the teacher and student to develop a warm rapport with each other, build trust to take up challenges to push the body and mind to achieve what was unimaginable. Also, the delicate nuances of Odissi are so fine that its difficult in absence of physical presence. But now with the need to create "Social Distancing" to prevent the Corona virus spreading further it is important for the sake of safety to stay away from each other. This is much easier for Math and music classes than for dance.

However it is important to also keep dancing to help us stay calm, reduce anxiousness, keep moving our body and divert our minds in a positive manner. I have created a plan to keep the lessons going and looking for the support and participation of all my dear students and parents.

I have planned the weekly lessons for everyone at their respective levels. A short video will be sent via- Whatsapp or uploaded on my Youtube channel. You will receive a note from me about your online session with me and we will meet online to go over the steps. You will be required to practice and we will meet again to review together.

The Odissi terminology we had studied last summer will be incredibly helpful now and those who studied the entire package would gain tremendously. Please take a moment to review them:-

- I will be using Skype and will have two students at a time, specifically if you take group lessons.

Please download Skype and add me "mouli.pal"

- Please keep your music available on another device.

- Find a suitable location at home where you have space and will not disturb other family members. Non carpet flooring preferred.

-I will reach out by calling/ texting with plans/schedule to meet.

- You can schedule the class via appointy

This situation should not be an excuse for any of you to not dance. We dancers are creative individuals with higher ability to communicate. I request your patience as I organize my materials and figure out the applications that would be ideal.

All of you were preparing for Spring Concert and we were working on our respective choreography. Now we will mostly be learning a fresh new piece and revising our Traditional Odissi pieces.

Spring concert has been rescheduled to May 16th and I am optimistic it will happen at that time. Let us all work to spread joy within and around us through dance by staying safe and healthy at home!

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