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First week of dancing together online

Over the past one week the world went into a lock down and yet we managed to meet and dance virtually. It kept me grounded and made me feel much better and of course took my mind away from the uncertainty and I am sure all participants felt the same.

We used Zoom for "Noontime Odissi" sessions where over 20 participants gathered for body conditioning and fundamentals. For classes we are using a combination of Skype and Whats app video.

There are many frustrating moments and huge challenges to learn dance online but I am extremely grateful to everyone who are adjusting. I am confident we will have a productive lesson but need to keep adjusting and take some preparation steps:-

This is what I am doing at my end:

- Ordered a web cam with built in lights that can be set on an tripod so I am clearly visible

-Ordered a blue tooth speaker and microphone

- Re organizing the content and teaching in very small groups

-Sending the Video of the content prior to class to help prepare

-Sending the song and notes of lyrics when applicable

This is what I request from your end:-

- I need to see the entire head to toe of the dancer, please set it up ahead of the call

- Be diligent to send me your practice videos, when requested so I can review and enhance

-Practice / follow up videos are due prior to next scheduled class

- Lets please make sure to meet consistently each week

Please add me on Skype - Mouli.pal

There is no additional fee for the "Noontime Odissi: - it will run each weekday till March 27th.

Thank you for your patience and support during these difficult times. Being able to dance is giving me and Medha a lot of strength to cope and I am grateful to all of you for being a part of our daily journey!

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